Smart Solutions for the Proper Detox Process

When it is necessary to remove the abstinence condition, it is realized thanks to medicines, in particular, it concerns symptoms of withdrawal from opium addiction, at the same time psychotropic drugs are used, namely: antidepressants, tranquilizers, sleeping pills and neuroleptics. In principle, thanks to painkillers and psychoactive compounds with sleeping pills, sedatives and anxiolytic actions. If you are wondering where to find help more then the following information are for you.

Treatment in other ways

  • To get rid of the breakdown is quite realistic due to non-pharmacological physiotherapy methods. It is enough to take hydrogen sulphide and classical baths, pay attention to the galvanic collar, and also the electrosleep.
  • From a painful syndrome really to get rid with the help of analgesics, also Tramadol. Disorders of affective, behavioral and sometimes vegetative nature, namely bad mood, irritability, aggressiveness and nervousness, are eliminated with tranquilizers and neuroleptics.
  • It is important to mention the use of drugs that can affect opiate systems, this applies to opioid receptor agonists plus mixed media. Here it means buprenorphine, it thanks to personal antagonistic influence easily copes with serious clinical manifestations of addiction intoxication. Sometimes, on the contrary, due to personal properties, it removes even the manifestation of withdrawal symptoms of a drug addict. Used in parallel with the first manifestations of withdrawal, injected for about 5 days intramuscularly, dose: 0.9 mg daily, with a separation of 0.3 mg.

In parallel, it is possible to use alpha2-adrenomimetics, the main representative is Clonidine or Clopheline, it is able to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms due to a reduction in pain, sedation, and also to increase the sedative effects of other CNS suppressors. Treatment of the patient by Clopheline is based on the agonistic effect on the postsynaptic adrenergic receptors of the noradrenergic neurons of the blue spot. The fact is that when their function changes, dependence begins to develop. In this case, Naloxone hydrochloride will act as the antagonist; within 5 days it can displace drugs from opiate receptors, simultaneously reducing the withdrawal period.

Therapy after detoxification, complete recovery of a drug dependent person

Depression, which can appear in a drug addict because of a psychopathological syndrome, is removed by antidepressants; the general weakness is removed by toning compounds. By non-medicament means, let’s say with hydrogen sulphide baths, it is really possible to remove anxiety, normalize sleep and cheer you up.

Communication with a psychiatrist

To normalize the patient’s condition really through interviews with the therapist, this concerns suggestive therapy, which is carried out for the purpose of eliminating mental and bodily disorders, simply inspiring, hypnotizing the patient, or providing for it autogenous relaxation. The technique is effective if concentration, sleep, memory are disturbed, there are learning problems, phobias, stiffness, migraine, and others have also appeared.


Thanks to a similar procedure, when the influence on the brain is due to current impulses, it is possible to establish sleep and relieve stress, tension, and normalize the emotional state.

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